Tryazon’s Rejuvenate Spring Cleaning Party

On May 27th, 2017 I hosted the Rejuvenate Spring Cleaning Party,  for Tryazon. This was the first party that I was given the opportunity to host, and it was a wonderful one. Anyone that knows me knows I am OCD and I love to clean, so this was the perfect party for me to host. I used each one of the Rejuvenate products that was provided to me to test out.  I have to say that my favorite was the Rejuvenate floor restored, I used it on my wood kitchen floors and they looked amazing when I was done,  it like a coat of sealer for your floor, so it helps to protect them from further damage, and keeps them looking brand new. I also sampled Outrageous stain remover on several of our clothes that had various degrees of stains, and it took each and every stain out…. Awesome!!  Next I tried the grout and tile cleaner in the bathroom and it works, I have white grout and it actually made it white again. Along with that I used the Rejuvenate Soap Scum remover in my shower and my walls were so shiny when I was done and to top it off you don’t even have to scrub, just spray and let sit for 3 minutes and then rinse it off.  Finally I used the Rejuvenate Restored Wipes on several things such as a faded green metal garden cart, that now looks brand new again. I used it on the black rubber and plastic on my goddaughters car and it worked wonders, it looks beautiful now. Those restored wipes are a must in every home, they bring old back to life again. I also received as a gift for myself a bag of Florida Salt Water Taffy,  which I’d like to thank Tryazon and Rejuvenate for that. Along with those great product I received 4 Rejuvenate Shammies and 4 rejuvenate bonnets for dust mops and light mopping they are top of the line in quality and endurance, I use them daily. All in all my party was a success and my guests loved the sample bottles of the products I gave out and also enjoyed the theme of a spring cleaning party and I promised to come help them with their spring cleaning as well and I told them I would bring the Rejuvenate products!!  This is a fantastic line of products and everyone should run out to The Home Depot and buy some.

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